CHUCK COOK: Practicing Pitch Shots


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One of the hardest shots in golf to master are the greenside pitch shots because it makes you have finesse and accuracy, all while use an abbreviated golf swing. Chuck Cook is a legendary golf coach who has coached many professional golfers to wins on the PGA Tour. In his golf schools, he has put together a pitch shot station, greenside, that puts the golfer in the right positions to be successful. He uses a board, a shaft, a line and rope to help you get your body, shaft angle and loft of the ball all in the right position to leave yourself a short par putt.

Cook has been blessed to have studied under the finest teaching professionals in the game and am eager to pass along the information to the rest of the golfing community. He has been fortunate to have trained under several Golf Digest Professionals, including Bob Toski, Jim Flick, Peter Kostis, Davis Love Jr., Paul Runyan and Jack Lumpkin. In addition, he has taught an array of workshops for the PGA of America with the likes of David Leadbetter, Dr. Gary Wiren, Ed Oldfield, Bill Strausbaugh, Kent Cayce and many others. As a teacher, Cook has the unique opportunity to employ Dave Pelz, Fred Griffin, Dr. Ralph Mann, Dr. Richard Coop, Al Vermeil (Strength Coach for the Chicago Bulls) and Phil Rodgers.