BatCaddy Push Carts


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For the last several years, BatCaddy has been the leader in Push Cart Technology! These impressive carts are encouraging golfers to walk rather than ride when they go play golf. The X8R is the tool set your game free! This Dual 200W quiet motor with a fully directional remote control has made walking the golf course a simple task. The X8R features several different modes and come standard with oversize dual-anti tip wheels so you can conquer the hills with ease!


• One-Click Locking Frame (X3 Series) – Sturdy and simple. The One-Click Lock makes setting up and breaking down your Bat-Caddy a breeze. The non-adjustable handle securely locks into place for the round, ready to absorb anything your course can dish out.
• Dual Lock Z-Fold Frame w/ Adjustable Handle (X4 Series) – With durable all metal joints and construction, the Z-Fold Frame will stand the test of time. More compact and streamlined than our one-click frame, it also features an adjustable handle to accommodate alle height preferences.
• No-Lock Euro-Wave Frame w/ Adjustable Handle (X8 Series) – Our most elegant and simple to use frame. With all metal construction, no lock set-up, and an adjustable handle, this frame is for the golfer who wants to check all the boxes.