Gale Peterson: Five Steps to a Golf Swing


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The golf swing can be a difficult thing to teach, but Gale has developed a technique allowing golfers to build their swing from the ground up. She does this in 5 simple steps that help you understand what a good golf swing should look like. Gale Peterson has a very extensive resume in the golfing world. Throughout her career, Peterson has earned high honors in the golf teaching business, teaching some high profile athletes. LPGA National Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest’s Top 50 Women Teachers, Black Ink Top 10 Golf Teachers, and from 2002-2012, America’s Top 50 Teachers, are just some accolades she has received over the years. Golf Life had the opportunity to work with her, and since then Gale Peterson and the “5 Simple Steps to a Great Golf Swing” has been one of our highest viewed videos on YouTube (2.5 million). She has mastered her craft and has created some great golf tips to help your game.