In this video, we will be discussing the bump and run shot and how to execute it successfully. The bump and run shot is a relatively easy shot that is an extension of your putting stroke. It is a shot that can help you save strokes around the green and improve your overall game.

The Setup

Fred Funk explains that the key to a successful bump and run shot is to mimic your putting stroke. He suggests using your putting grip for this shot, whether it’s a regular grip or a reverse overlap grip. The only difference is that you should position the ball slightly back in your stance.

The setup is crucial for the bump and run shot. Fred Funk advises starting with a narrow stance and having the grip of the club ahead of the ball and the clubhead. This setup ensures that you maintain the correct relationship between your hands and the club throughout the shot. Maintaining Loft and Angle.

To execute a successful bump and run shot, it is important to maintain the loft and angle of the club. Fred Funk emphasizes that you should not allow the clubhead to pass your hands during the stroke. This can result in creating more loft on the club and inconsistent shots. Instead, once you have set the angle and loft of the club, you should strive to maintain it throughout the stroke.

Executing the Shot

Now that you understand the key principles of the bump and run shot, let’s walk through the execution. Fred Funk demonstrates the shot by setting up with a narrow stance and positioning himself on top of the ball. He knows where he wants the ball to land and anticipates a left-to-right break. With his hands in the correct position and the loft of the club set, he executes the shot, rolling the ball towards the hole.


The bump and run shot is a valuable technique to have in your golfing arsenal. By mimicking your putting stroke, maintaining the correct setup, and focusing on maintaining the loft and angle of the club, you can execute this shot successfully. With practice, you can become proficient in the bump and run shot and see a noticeable improvement in your game.

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