Chuck Cook, a renowned golf instructor, introduces a ladder drill that can greatly improve your putting skills. This drill focuses on developing your touch and consistency on the greens. In this article, we will explore the ladder drill and how it can benefit your game.

The Ladder Drill: A Touch Development Exercise

The ladder drill involves a ladder-shaped setup, with each rung representing a target area on the green. Chuck Cook explains that the ladder consists of three rungs, each positioned at the middle of a square. The goal of the drill is to stop the ball on each rung of the ladder, starting from the first rung and progressing to the third rung.

To perform the ladder drill, you need two markers placed six feet away from the first rung. Chuck Cook suggests using an uphill tee box and a downhill tee box to add variation to the exercise. The objective is to successfully navigate the ladder both uphill and downhill without missing a stop. If you miss a rung, you must start over from the beginning.

Chuck Cook emphasizes that the ladder drill is an excellent exercise for improving your touch on the greens. By practicing this drill, you can enhance your ability to control the distance and speed of your putts. It also helps you develop consistency in your stroke and routine.

Chuck Cook highlights the significance of discipline and using your best fundamentals while practicing the ladder drill. Consistently following your routine and employing proper technique will lead to improvement in your game. By dedicating time to these drills and focusing on your touch, you can enhance your putting skills and overall performance on the greens.



The ladder drill is a valuable exercise for golfers looking to improve their touch and consistency on the greens. By practicing this drill and incorporating your best fundamentals, you can enhance your ability to control the distance and speed of your putts. Remember to maintain a consistent routine, aim your ball accurately, and focus on the length and rhythm of your stroke. With dedication and discipline, the ladder drill can help you elevate your putting game.

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