Payne Stewart Golf Camps and Play Leagues


Built on the legacy of Payne Stewart, their mission is to teach the game of golf through faith to children outside of the golf course. So many times, kids get overwhelmed going to a golf course and learning at the range. These golf camps give our youth an opportunity to learn in a fun and unique environment where they feel comfortable.


The Payne Stewart Golf Camps and Play Leagues are developing healthy kids for life through the fun of golf. What is so unique about these golf camps is that they can be on a soccer field, baseball field, indoor gym, or park…Not on a golf course. The golf course can be a bit overwhelming for a child to learn the game of golf, especially if their families are not members at country clubs.

Built on the legacy of the late/great Payne Stewart, these camps are here to help the next generation learn the game of golf and faith. The faith component is so important because it can build a childs path from a young age to a successful adult.

At these camps, your child will get PHYSICAL HEALTH, learn the basics and important GOLF SKILLS, be knowledgeable in MULIPLE SPORTS, and learn the necessary LIFE SKILLS. Their hope is to create a golfer for life and help the parents instill life skills and virtues into their children that will last into adulthood.


PHYSICAL HEALTH – Within the Payne Stewart Golf Camps, your child will receive high energy activities like a dynamic warmup, fitness games and relay races to keep them engages and focused.

GOLF SKILLS – The camps uses thoughtful equipment and techniques to teach the game of golf. All of their volunteer golf instructors will simplify the motions of the putt, chip, pitch and full swing motions.

MULTI-SPORT – Their thought process is to incorperate multiple sports while learning golf so they can learn how fun other sports are as well.

LIFE SKILLS – Their faith-based environment gives the children an opportunity to build their life skills in a fun and engaging way. Each day they focus on one of the core virtues (Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and selft control)