Honma TR21 Irons


We took the Honma TR21 Irons out to the beautiful Maderas Golf Club outside San Diego, California and put them in the hands of top level golfers.  Each of our golfers gave feedback saying that was impressive.  We heard from the better players to the mid handicaps that the TR21 irons provided great feel and distance.

The Honma TR21 line of golf clubs are beautifully crafted with cutting-edge technology that create a high-performing golf club for golfers of all skill levels. Their premium made Honma VIZARD graphite shafts are designed to give the golf clubs control, distance and feel.

The Honma TR21 irons create a strong sense of look, feel and confidence. Their muscle back design gives you, the golfer, a solid feel and can give tour players as well as mid-handicappers confidence. These irons will get the ball in the air quickly for a longer carry, an incredible ball flight and stopping control on the greens.


Honma Golf is committed to building the highest quality golf clubs with the highest quality materials. Their place in golf shows the beauty and craftsmanship that no other golf club manufacturer can replicate. They provide both premium performance and artistry for every golfer! In 1959, Honma Golf was founded by two brother in Japan and by 2019-2020 they have solidified themselves on the golf tours and with amateur golfers across the nation!

TR21 Fairway Woods

You will get a high speed face with adjustable weights on the back to dial in your launch and spin.

TR21 Hybrids

When looking down at setup, you will notice a compact profile designed for players that want control and turf interation at impact.


HONMA HOUSE is a destination for discerning golfers seeking a world class fitting experience as well as a modern boutique style store. HONMA HOUSE showcases all Honma product, including the performance focused and TOUR validated T//World, the TR20 line, the world renowned BERES lines and the new TR21 line.