Phat Scooters: La Costa Golf Club

Omni La Costa is tucked in Carlsbad, CA. Many PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champion Tour events have been played here over many years. This beautiful resort has two 18-hole golf courses on it that are just spectacular to play. With that, the resort gives their member the opportunity to enjoy SRV (Single Rider Vehicles) out on the golf course and that includes the fun, fast-paced Phat Scooter. 

Only a few miles from the beach in Carlsbad, CA, Omni La Costa does have a “Surf Scene” vibe to it, which makes the Phat Scooter a perfect vehicle on and off the golf course. 

We met up with the Club Director of Omni La Costa to learn more about these Phat Scooters and how they are using them for their guests and members. La Costa is the only golf course in San Diego County to have these scooters for their golfers and it offers a new level of enjoyment no other golf course in the area can provide. 

Check out the video above to learn more why the Phat Scooters at La Costa are giving their members a change of pace on the golf course.