Phat Scooters at Monarch Beach Golf Club

The Phat Scooters at Monarch Beach are helping golfers of Dana Point, CA play faster and have more fun out on the course. Monarch Beach Golf Links is right in Dana Point, CA and #4 sits about a pitchng wedge away from the water! What better place than this to ride a Phat Scooter while golfing. 

Monarch Beach is well known for their surf, skate and golf. The club offers a relaxed feel to it so the Phat Scooter play really well with their members. Also right next to the golf course is a neighborhood and resort where residents and guest can ride the Phat Scooters to and from the Golf Course without any trouble. 

The single rider vehicles (SRV’s) are changing the way golfers play golf and the way clubs, like Monarch Beach, get new business.  The SRV’s do a lot for the golf course and the golfer. Pace of play is increase first and formost. When each golfer is able to go to their own ball, hit when they are ready and move on to the next shot, it is only going to speed everything up. For the course itself, less damage to the turf and more rounds are able to circulate the golf course on any given day. It is a win-win for everyone. 

Check out the video above to learn more why the Phat Scooters at Monarch Beach are helping everyone involved.