How to Develop a Pre-Shot Routine

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We caught up with Shawn Cox, Director of Golf at the Grand Golf Club at Fairmont Grand Del Mar, near San Diego, California for some advice.  Shawn talks with us about his pre-shot routine and how gaining a proper sequence before hitting your shot can help you play better golf. The problem for a lot of golfers is playing at the ball instead of at your target. “Aim Big, Shoot Small” is the perfect way to put this. If your target is the flag stick or 10 yards to the right of the flag sticks, you need to throw your attention to that spot on the green. Instead of worrying what you want to do at your ball, you are actually playing at your target. Having something like this can really help with the mental side of the game.

Every shot that you take needs to have a pre-shot routine. After a lot of research with PGA Players and Teaching Professionals they developed one question that will help you with every shot you take on the golf course. That question is: What does a good shot look like? You can’t help but to answer that. Once you answer that question, you are ready to visualize and attack that shot. Check out the video above to learn more about how you can create a routine to play better. If you liked this golf tip, check out how to pick a teaching pro.


Golf Professional of the Year – Southern California PGA 2018

Horton Smith Award – Southern California PGA, 2016, San Diego PGA, 2015

Golf Professional of the Year – San Diego PGA, 2013

Merchandiser of the Year – Shawn Cox, Southern California PGA, 2011