Volvik Golf Balls

By now, many of you have heard or even played the Volvik Golf Balls. But do you know the story behind this incredible golf company. Little do you know, this golf company changed the game of golf forever introducing colored golf balls. Since their launch of the colored golf ball, they have been a leader in the golf ball market and don’t plan to leave anytime soon. In the present, they have created an empire offering Speacial packs (graphic golf balls), Standard packs (regular, matted golf balls) and now the Tour packs (to compete with the tour level golf ball).

On many levels, Volvik has passed some of the bigger OEM’s in golf. Being the title sponsor of the Long Drive Tour, their hype around how far these balls go (and they are USGA approved) has grown even more. They also have players playing the Tour S3 and S4, as well as some colored golf balls,  on the PGA and LPGA tours. Here is the story of the Volvik Golf Balls through our lense.


1980 – Volvik was established

1990 – Developed their first 3pc golf ball; 1996 – Developed their first 4pc golf ball

2016 – Launched the Matte Golf Ball “Vivid” and “Vibe”

2017 – Released the 4pc Premium Matte Golf Ball “Vivid XT”