Phat Scooters: On & Off The Course

Phat Scooters are truly changing the way we play golf. They are driving the single-rider revolution which is making it easier to play golf…and at a faster pace. Phat Scooters are perfect for the “Everyday” golfer because it really does speed up your round. Simply get on, drive to your own ball, hit at your own pace and move onto the next hole. With these electric vehicles, you don’t have to play cart golf with a partner. Get to your ball, hit it and move on!

What is great about the Phat Scooters is that they are labeled as a “Hybrid Bike” which means you can take them on the street. Let that wind blow through your hair on the streets of your neighborhood. Go down to the grocery store, make a trip to Starbucks or head to the local brewery with your friends on a Saturday afternoon. They are perfect no matter the situation.

Phat Scooters is based in Phoenix, AZ so the customer service you will receive if you purchase one of these is off the charts. They can troubleshoot problems with you right on the phone and if a part is needed, they can get you that part in a couple days! 

Check them out right here for the golfer in your life or just to cruise around the neighborhood!