V1 Golf App – Mike Bender

One of the best teachers in the golf uses a Golf App that allows him to connect with his students instantly from thousand of miles away. Mike Bender, creator of the Mike Bender Golf Academy, uses the V1 Golf App to help his students get better each and every day…even when he is not there!

The V1 Golf App allows students, across the globe, to connect with some of the most saught-after golf instructors on the panet. Simply take a video of your golf swing down the line and face on, pick the instructor you want, and send them the video. The instructor will then take a look at the video, draw lines, audio record what he/she sees and send it back to you so you can work on your swing. 

Take a look at how the V1 Golf App is helping Mike Bender teach golf and how his students can learn their own golf swing throught the power of video.