Major Series Of Putting

The Major Series of Putting

The greatest putters in the world are chasing their dreams of becoming the greatest putters on the planet in the Major Series of Putting. The video above is from the original event held in Las Vegas in 2017.  Now the event returns to Legacy Golf Club in Las Vegas on October 14 – 20.  This could be your chance to chase glory and prove to everyone in the world that you are truly the best putter in the world.

The Major Series of Putting is an event that entertains, challenges, and thrills people with the most important element of golf – Putting. Sure, there is Putt-Putt golf, but this is real putting on real greens in the largest putting setting in the history of golf with millions of dollars in prize money on the line.

It starts in qualifying events. There are over 130 different qualifiers in Canada and the U.S. Winners of the qualifying events will have the opportunity to come to Las Vegas and compete over several days in the high-stakes championship on a 20,000 sq ft. surface designed by Nicklaus Design.

Rules of The Major Series of Putting

  • The game is only played on a putting surface
  • The order of play alternates after each hole in any format, during the round or during a playoff
  • There are waiting zones defined for players to stand in before and after playing each hole
  • A player may not mark and lift their ball when playing a hole
  • A player must complete the hole before the next player can make a stroke at that hole
  • A player may carry only one club
  • The anchoring method is permitted in all MSOP events
  • In any format, practice in not permitted during the stipulated round
  • In match play, a player may not concede an opponent’s putt
  • A player may adjust the position of their ball in the teeing area with his or her club
  • No object is allowed under the ball i.e. tee
  • There is no flagstick
  • A player may not use a caddy
  • If the event of a tiebreaker, a playoff may be conducted outside the course played
  • Because of the particular nature of the course and stadium, players are expected to play in a dynamic and noisy environment
  • Some areas are defined as hazards where play is forbidden
  • If a player is late for their tee time, he or she is disqualified
  • If a club is damaged other than in normal course of play, the player is disqualified

The biggest putting tournament in history is coming, but you will have to wait just a little bit longer. The Major Series of Putting is in October 2019. They have added qualifiers all over the U.S. and Canada, so be sure to find one close to you! The MSOP is partnering with local golf courses to bring these qualifiers to you! In the meantime, be sure to check back often as they will be introducing new dates and events in the lead-up to the Major Series of Putting. Take your shot a glory and compete for millions of dollars in total prize money and the title of America’s Greatest Putter!