Why are Golfers Loving the Cure Putters

Cure Putters:  Putter Is Taking Golf By Storm

When you think of putter manufactures in the game of golf today you probably think about Scotty Cameron, Ping, Odyssey or Titleist. But there is one putter brand that you should keep and eye out for because they are making a pretty big splash in the golf industry, specifically on the Champions Tour.  They are called Cure Putters and they just got named to Golf Digests’ Hot List for 2016!

The first question you probably ask is: What makes it so good? Well, for starters, Cure Putters is all about having High MOI and forgiveness off the face at impact. High MOI, in the most simplistic way possible, means that from your backswing to your through swing, your putter will stay square longer through impact without twisting or rotating.  All that is due to high center of gravity these putters can produce and the fact that they have created customizable weights on the back of the putter to keep it as stable as possible! Their first models, in 2015, were the RX1 and RX2. At the 2016 PGA Show, they introduced the RX 3,4,5,and 6 and the CX Classics Series with CX1 and CX2! You can find all of their Cure Putters and colors right here!

Your next question would be, if they are so great who is playing them? Well it is a good thing you asked because like we said, they are taking the Champions Tour by storm! Right now, they have several big names playing the Putter as we speak. Players like Rod Spittle, Steve Jones, Peter Senior and Scott Hoch just to name a few!

Check out our video above to see what both the average player and the Professionals are saying about the Cure Putters and why they are loving it. We feature Wayne Levi who has won on the PGA Tour 12 times!