The Perfect Golf Gloves Made With AA Cabretta Leather

When it comes to your golf life, you want everything to be perfect. From your bag to your clubs to your golf accessories. But what about your golf gloves? It’s no secret…people just don’t care that much about their golf glove. But what if we told you that your golf glove has a lot to do with how you play out on the course. Companies like Bender Gloves is changing the way people look at golf gloves. No longer is it just something that goes on your hand. It’s an asset to your game and you HAVE to have the right glove in style, comfort and color!

Bender Golf Gloves was created from the idea that people need more options when it comes to their golf gear. The boring white glove is not going to cut it anymore! We can’t be the only golfers in the world that care about what our golf gloves look like and how they perform. Bender Gloves aimed to please those golfer who were looking to get away from the white glove and add some color and uniqueness to their game. Hence, Bender Gloves was created!


and loved the idea of matching your shirt to your pants to your golf glove! Whether you are playing in a 4-person scramble, a charity golf tournament or just out on the course with some friends, there is no reason why Bender Gloves should not be on your hand. For every occasion or situation, Bender Gloves has the ability to help you on the golf course and with your confidence. These golf gloves are an extension of your personality so why not show off that personality every time you step on a golf course.

With four different styles to choose from, all with the craziest colors, you are sure to find the right fit and color for your golf life. Pick from the Synthetic golf gloves (gloves that are your traditional fit and feel glove), the Mesh gloves (made to be breathable and stretchy), the Synthetic Gloves (They give you the feel of a traditional glove, but with breathable traits), and the Elite Model. All These golf gloves are made with AA Cabretta Leather!

Why is Cabretta Leather So Important?

Golf gloves made with cabretta leather are so important because of three reasons; Durability, Performance and Look!

DURABILITY: When it comes to gloves, you want something that will last the test of time. AA cabretta leather is the highest quality material that you can find on a golf glove. Round after round and year after year, this material will handle the rain, snow, wind and sun. You won’t have to go looking for a new glove every round because these Bender Gloves will be there for you!

PERFORMANCE: If you are like me, you have a certain feel you want when your glove touches a golf grip. You don’t want your hand sliding all over the place, you want a glove that will hold true to form and not waver from where you put your hands when you get ready to swing. This leather holds us and create a comfortable grip every time you grab a club.

LOOK: Like a lot of golfers, look has A LOT to do with if you like something for not. From style to style and color to color, these gloves are aesthetically pleasing because of the AA cabretta leather. With each color, the leather plays well with the design of the glove.