Correct Golf Ball Compression to Maximize Distance

Here’s a product feature on a new golf ball compression testing device.  Knowing the compression of the golf ball you are playing is key to your success.  If you play too soft a ball for your swing speed then you will cheat yourself on distance.  If you play too hard of a ball for your swing speed, again you will lose distance and control.  Finding a ball you can compress and control is very important and that is where the ProCheck helps.  With this simple tool you can check any golf ball, new or used, to identify if it is right for you.

Here is a quote from Callaway Golf about this concept:

“Callaway has long understood that compression plays a key role in optimizing the performance and consistency of golfers. We at Callaway have tested the Procheck golf ball compression tester and found it to be an excellent tool for the consumer. It’s readings can help golfers determine the right ball for their game.”

– Jason Finley, Director, Brand Management, Callaway Golf


Find your average driver distance.  here are the steps:

  1.  Find your swing speed.
  2.  Find the right compression.
  3.  Use the ProCheck® device to test the balls that are right for you.

You could increase distance by 10-20 Yards right away – visit

It is understood that a golfer will achieve their most energy transfer and more driving distance if the hardness of the ball is matched to the swing speed of their club. If you have a slower swing speed (60-70 mph) you should play a softer golf ball.  If you have a fast swing speed (100-110 mph) then you should play a firmer golf ball. Matching swing speed with ball compression helps to hit the ball with the correct degree of flattening at impact with creates a trampoline-like energy transfer.  With ProCheck – you can find your optimal ball so get started testing your golf balls today at

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