Longball Apparel

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Longball Apparel is a new clothing company, created by three Canadians who love the game of golf. Longball Apparel is not just a clothing company, but a lifestyle. When you put on a piece of Longball, you immediatley feel the passion that this company has for golf and creating adventure with a positive attitude. The brand is unique, modern and exciting and that is why Golf Life wanted to get our hands of some of their clothing to really get the full effect. With their colors, materials and selection, this clothing company is perfect for those who play golf with friends and family on the weekend or for the professional golfer.

Longball Apparel sent us a couple hats, shirts and belts to test out.


The hats are perfect for hot summer days. With multiple different colors these hats can easily be worn on the golf course or out on the town. The breathable technology on the top of the hat allows you to stay cool on the course and fashionable off the course.


These premium golf shirts are made with the highest quality of material. It fits great on the shoulders and there isn’t any restrictions while you swing the golf club. Of course, built with anti-bacterial and odor eliminating technology, you will be prepared for all situations. The colors were great because they played well with our colors at Golf Life.


You want to add a unique belt to the wardrobe? The Sprawl from Longball Apparel is a perfect combination of style and comfort. The strechy material allows you to bring the belt as tight as you want without the risk of breaking. You also never need to cut your belt as the material allows you to put your hole anywhere!



Longball is a company that has created a great line of golf clothing products for the everyday golfer. From their hats, to their polos and down to their belts, our expeirence is that you will feel comfortable and fasionable no matter the situation! We encourage everyone to try out their product and join their lifestyle they are creating!