Chippo: The NEW Backyard Game

Golf can be tough, especially the grind. Going out to practice, hitting short game shots on the range can be boring and tedious. But it doesn’t have to be with the newest golf game that is taking over backyard parties across America. Chippo is the newest golf game that you can play with your friends at the beach, backyard, or parking lot and still get your short game practice in.

It’s simple. Find three friends who love golf and backyard games. Set the boards 15 feet apart from each other and start chipping. If you hit the board…1 point. if you put it in the large hole…3 points. And if you put it in either of the top corner holes…5 points.

Chippo is a great game that you can play anywhere at anytime with friends and family. Not only is it extremely fun and entertaining, but it also allows you to work on the part of golf that we all seem to struggle with. The short game!

There is no doubt that Chippo will be the center of attention at your next party so go to