Top 5 Golf Sunglasses of 2018

In golf, it is all about getting the right product for your Golf Life. People try to find the best driver or a set of irons that best fits them. What they don’t do, is take that same passion into their eyewear. You will have people who buy the $5 sunglassses at the gas station and you have the people who buy what everyone else is buying. What you don’t know is that a good pair of sunglasses can really help your golf game. That is why we did some research and found our Top 5 Golf Sunglasses of 2018 so you can find a pair that best fits your game! Just like any other piece of golf equipment, you need to find sunglasses that will help you with what you struggle with. Whether that is reading greens better, or just simply being able to see the fairway better with more contrast, we give you the breakdown on our Top 5 golf Sunglasses of 2018!


The thing about Oakley is you know exactly what you are going to get. You are going to get high quality sunglasses that look great! As you can imagine, Oakley has many…many sunglasses to choose from so narrowing in on what is the best for golf can be tough. Here are our favorites…


– Gives great light control

– Gives you maximum contrast and enhances visibility

FLAK DRAFTS: $150-$200

– Fights Fog Build up

– Crystal clear visibility


Whenever you see someone wearing RayBan’s the first thing you think of is “CLASS”. They are the perfect eyewear for the beach or the streets. But what you might not know is that they are extremely beneficial for golf. Not only do they give you extreme comfort, but they also give you extreme confidence. You know the saying: “Feel Good; Play Good.”

RAY-BAN AVIATORS : $150-$170

– Gradient lenses that will give you contrast like never before!


Blenders Eyewear is certainly a company with a big personality. From crazy colors to modernized style, this company gives you what you need to look great and gives you the performance needed to play a great 18 holes of golf. Probably the smallest company on our list, but definitley not the least popular. They are a growing company that is making a huge splash in the eyewear industry.

We tested out 5 different sunglasses from Blenders, but here are our favorite two.


– Frameless Crystal Clear

– Green Polarized Superflash Lenses

– Double Barrel Stainless Steel Hinge


– Brown Tortoise Frame

– Polarized Amber Lenses

– Spring Loaded Hinges


Just like everything with Under Armour you get strength, style, comfort and now superior vision with they new eyewear line. Under Armour is best known for everything BUT sunglasses and that needs to change. They have some amazing sunglasses that are specifically made for golf and they will help your golf game.


– ArmourSight lens technology allows you to get edge-to-edge visibility

– Gives you the ability to read breaks on the greens better


– A wrap sunglass that gives you maximum protection

– Coating on the lenses guards from scratches and lenses


If you a person who loves the outdoors, Popticals is PERFECT for you. With their revolutionary design, Popticals gives you the ability to fold your glasses up and store them in the smallest sunglass case ever. They are the most portable sunglasses ever! The sunglass case is so small that they can fit inside of your pocket. But that is just the start, Popticals is also leading the eyewear industry with their lense technology. The three sunglasses that we tested were all equipt with NYDEF nylon lenses that give you crystal clear vision and protection. Whether you are on the trail, the water, the mountains or the golf course, you will get maximum performance from Popticals.


– Made for those who want an adventure and need the best gear.

– Perfect eyewear to give you the cleanest vision.


– More aggressive style but very comfortable.

– A unique design (and color combos) to help you in everything you do.

POPH2O: $190

– Optical clearity gives you the best results on the water

– Fits tight on your head so they won’t slide or fall off when hitting a golf ball.