Honma Experience Safeco Field

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Throughout the years, Golf Life has been lucky enough to experience different opportunites in the golfing world. But not to often, do we get to experience golf in a different setting than a golf setting. This time, Golf Life took a trip to Seattle, WA to visit the Honma Experience at Safeco Field. A unique opporutinity where golf fans and baseball fans can co-exist in the same place.

Honma Golf has been creating unique experiences for golfers all over the world by installing swing studios in businesses to help get the word out on their golf clubs and club manufacuring.

We first started in the Roger Dunn Golf Shop and now they have opened a swing studio at Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners. It has been known that baseball players and fans love the game of golf, so Honma took that concept and ran with it. While at a Seattle Mariners game, during the 7th inning stretch, you and your friends can go hit a couple of balls, try out Honma clubs and have some fun. Tucked right behind the center field wall, the Honma Experience at Safeco Field gives the golf fan and the baseball fan the opportunity to learn more about Honma Golf clubs.

Honma sets themselves apart from the rest of the club making business by making one-of-a-kind golf clubs, customized just for you, from scratch. Their unparralled expertise in club making gives them an upper hand on the rest of the competition. By incorperating swing studios like the one at Roger Dunn Golf Shop and the Honma Experience at Safeco Field, it gives patrons the opportunity to learn more about their amazing craftsmanship and try out the golf clubs in person.

Check out our feature video and see what it is like, first hand, to experience the Honma Experience at Safeco Field.