Top 5 Golf Shoe Brands of 2018

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This is Golf Life’s Top 5 Golf Shoe Brands of 2018! The golf industry is one of those industries that has no shortage of competition. Whether it’s in the scope of clubs, golf balls and/or training aids, there are more options now than ever. As you can imagine, the shoe game is the same way. Even on tour, you will find guys and girls wearing all different types of golf shoes. You will see styles inspired by running shoes, styles that were made for the 1945 golfer and everything in-between. But, in todays world, the spikeless-golf-shoe trend has really taken off to where the everyday player can wear their “golf” shoes for 18 holes and wear those same shoes at a business meeting. Spike or spikeless, laces or no laces, narrown sole or wide sole, leather or mesh, high tops or low, simple or crazy colorful…you get the picture. There are shoes for any occasion in any environment, you just have to find the right one for you! To make it easier on you, Golf Life gives you their Top 5 golf shoe brands of the 2018 season!


Nike Golf has been a consistent player in the shoe game for a long time. They are consistently bringing new looks and technology to the game. If you look good, you feel good and you will play good. Here is why Nike made our Top 5 golf shoe brands of 2018.


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Nike Tour Premier: 

  • Traction – Champ Zarma Tour Spikes
  • FastFit Closure – Tighten the shoe with just one pull of a strap
  • 4 Colors
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Nike Flyknit Racers:

  • Support – Lightweight and breathable
  • Comfort – All-day comfort from #1 – #19
  • 3 Colors
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GFore is certainly a company that allows you to express yourself on the golf course. Their crazy styles and loud colors will turn heads on the golf course. When a player like Bubba Watson wears your shoes, you have to be doing something right. Their style and performance is what led them to our top 5 shoe brands of 2018!

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Heel Cap Disruptor

  • Style – Bring street fashion to golf
  • Comfort – Amazing comfort, traction and flexibility
  • 1 Color
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High Top Disruptor

  • Style – High tops are very comfortable and lightweight
  • Interior – Fully padded, anti-microbial mesh
  • 1 Color
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3. Puma 

Ever since Rickie Fowler decided to be the coolest player on Tour, Puma has also decided to be one of the coolest brands in golf. With amazing colors and incredible technolgy, Puma is sure to make our Top 5!

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Ignite PWRADAPT Leather

  • Technology – PWRADAPT gives you support in places you need in your feet.
  • Style – Great looking shoe with white leather.
  • 2 Colors
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Ignite PWRADAPT Hi-Tops

  • Style – Evoknit collar and fit strap to keep shoe tight on your ankle and feet.
  • Performance – Adapts to your feet and the ground giving you great traction.
  • 3 Colors
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4. Skechers

Whether you know it or not, Skechers makes a great golf shoe. Skechers has always been at the forefront on comfort in all the shoes that they make! They brought the same technology to the golf game. It is truly like walking on a cloud in these golf shoes.

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Go Golf Elite V3 – Approach LT-RF

  • Comfort – A relaxed fit designed to keep your foot low to the ground
  • Performance – H2GO Shield waterproof technology
  • 4 Colors
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Go Golf Pro V3

  • Technology – Replaceable SOFTSPIKE spikes
  • Comfort – Heel Lock to keep your feet stable
  • 3 Colors
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5. Adidas

Adidas has been a brand that creates both spiked and spikeless golf shoes for both the pros and the average golfer. Each year, they bring something new and exciting to the game and this year was no different. Two very different golf shoes caught our eye!

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Tour 360 Boost 2.0

  • Technology – Boost; returns energy to your swing.
  • Performance – Climaproof allows you to keep your feet dry
  • 9 Colors
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Crossknit 2.0

  • Design – Sleek design inspired by the casual shoe
  • Technology – Elastic closure band allowing for convenient on and off
  • 6 Colors