Experience Honma At Roger Dunn Golf Shop

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Roger Dunn Golf Shops are an experience like none other. The minute you walk into the door, it’s nothing but golf from wall to wall. Golf Life took a trip to Santa Ana, CA to visit the Roger Dunn Golf Shop and to experience their brand new Honma swing studio.

The experience immediatley starts when you take your first steps into this amazing warehouse. From wall to wall, it’s all golf. Roger Dunn has an enormous selection of clothing, clubs, shoes, accessories and more. They have 4 different companies with their own swing studio and a 15 bay indoor driving range so you can hit balls. It is truely unlike any golf store open today.

Brand new to the Roger Dunn Golf Shop is Honma’s golf studio. Jam packed with clothing, bags, and golf clubs that you can try out and get fit for. This specific studio is the first of its kind here in America. The only true, in-store golf studio where customers can try the Honma clubs and get fit for them in one location.

The fact that this is the first studio of its kind for Honma is as unique as it gets, but it gets even better. The display cases on the right and left side of the studio are hand-crafted golf clubs that cost more than a car. You do the math, those golf clubs cost a pretty penny and the only place you can buy them, you guessed it, The Roger Dunn Golf Shop in Santa Ana, CA.

Golf Life gives you an in-depth look at the golf shop as well as the state-of-the-art studio by Honma!