Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018

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Golf Life wanted to find the best golf balls of 2018 that did not include the big OEM brands. Here are the Top 5 golf balls that you should be playing right now. Maybe you have heard of them or maybe you haven’t, either way these golf balls are perfect for your Golf Life!


Honma is largely known for their exceptional golf clubs, but don’t fall asleep on their golf balls because they made our Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018. They have about nine different typles of golf balls. Each ball is specific for the type of golf you play. In our case, the TW-G6 is a ball that performed with fast and slow swing speeds. This ball is designed for you to have incredible spin and distance. Off the tee you can gain maximum distance and with those short iron shots you can throw darts. It is a SIX-piece golf ball with their new soft-spin urethane cover as the sixth layer. The TW-G6 is a great golf ball for all players and will definitley make your Golf Life a little bit better.




Cut Golf is a unique company that claims they are the “Best Damn Golf Ball Under $20”. Given the way it performed, it would be hard to beat that statement and that is why it made our Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018. We tested two different balls from Cut. The Cut 3 is a three-piece golf ball that is made for the slower swing speeds who demand maximum performance out of their golf ball. This golf ball does not sacrifice distance for performance. You will have ideal distance off the tee without sacrificing performace around the greens. The Cut 4 is a four-piece golf ball made for the higher swing speeds. Again, with the urethane cover, this ball is designed for high balls speeds and spin without compromising control. The Cut 4 was named to Golf Digest Hot List Silver 2018



Next on the Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018 is the ELIXR from OnCore Golf. The ELIXR is OnCore’s most advanced golf ball. It is designed to take the golfer to the next level. This three-piece golf ball provides amazing distance off the tee, control with the long irons and spin and feel on and around the green. Of all the top OEM’s on the market, this ball was able to give our host, Colton Little, five more yards on his already long drives. The ball feels incredible off the club face and sounds just as good as well! This golf ball was also named to Golf Digest Hot List of 2018.




You want to talk about smash factor? The Jet 3 and the Jet 4 are golf balls that give you crazy smash factor numbers and that is why they landed themselves in our Top 5 golf balls of 2018. If you are looking for speed after impact, these golf balls are calling your name. You can feel the speed of the golf ball increase after impact. The great aspect about Jet golf balls is that you can subscribe to a program where you will never run out of balls. Each month, Golf Jet will send you a sweet package filled with balls, a glove, a towel, tees and more. Don’t get fooled by the subscription based program, these golf balls are the real deal!




Last but not least are the Vivid Soft and the Vivid XT from Volvik. Many people know Volvik from their bright colored golf balls, but what you don’t know is these golf balls have incredible performance. The Vivid XT is a four-piece golf ball with a matte finish that will maximize your drives off the tee and create accuracy around the greens. With the Vivid Soft, you are talking huge roll outs off tee shots and the conrol and feel you are looking for around the green! Both golf balls are made with the very modern matte finish. They both feel great and look great on the ground and in the air. Don’t forget, this is what the big hitters of the Long Drive Championships use.


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These were the Top 5 Golf Balls that should be in your bag right now. If you haven’t played these golf balls, you are seriously missing out! It could make your Golf Life just a little bit better!

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