Go Inside Phat Scooters HQ

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Have you heard of Phat Scooters before? No? Well, they are the latest and greatest in the golfing world. Phat Scooters is the modern-electric golf vehicle that is taking the U.S. by storm. Golf Life had the opportunity to go inside the Phat Scooters HQ to learn how the incredible scooters are made from start to finish. The ending piece; A great day out on the course.

We first start in the front yard with their large putting green. As you walk in the front door, you will see all of their recent builds for companies, athletes and celebrities. On the wall, you will find a great collection of ChiveTV playing on the wall. From there, you find yourself in spaceous offices and conference rooms. Then, it is onto the fun stuff; WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPEN.

As you walk into the assembly warehouse you will see frames upon frames upon frames of different colors and shapes. As you pick your shape and color, the great workers at Phat Scooters begin to assemble your scooter. Fit with a basket, a golf bag holder, cup holder and cooler for beverages. You will be able to pick your graphics and color scheme of your fenders. From there, its off to the beach, the streets or the golf course.

For more information and how you can get your own Scooter, head to PHATSCOOTERS.COM.

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