Can 4 Yards More Help You?

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There is one thing we all need on the golf course. We all need the golf ball to travel further off the tee. One or two more yards would be just fine, but what about 4 yards more? The folks at the Greens Keeper, developed a golf tee that would allow for you to gain 4 yards more off the tee, whether you are using a driver, iron or hybrid.

Designed to make you longer off the tee, the 4 yards more tee is a tee that has a six-pronged, head that gives the golf ball less friction off the tee. These golf tees are proven to last a long time and are extremely durable. These things can last 100 drives with the driver, the irons or the hybrid in your bag.

Different colors, means different sizes. Tee it up really high or just simply put it in the ground for those iron shots. Any shot, any club, the 4 Yards More tee will allow you to be successful and gain more distance on each tee shot.

For more information and where to buy visit their website at:

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