David Emerick – NCJGA

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How the NCJGA Started

8:00 AM in Oceanside, CA David Emerick wakes up and looks out onto the 18th hole at Goat Hill Park. This is the course he grew up with. This is the course where he learned to play golf. And this is the course he teaches the younger generation the beautiful game of golf in the NCJGA.

After looking out the window with his cup of coffee, David Emerick gets in his golf cart, packed full with training tools for his students and heads to work. With the ocean no more than 5 miles away, he drives his cart onto the 18th fairway and onto the the clubhouse where he starts his day.

In 1990, David Emerick created the NCJGA (North County Junior Golf Association). After teaching for over 30 years, Emerick found his niche in junior golf teaching. The value of teaching kids the game of golf and how it can help impact not only their lives, but the overall strength of golf is what he loves about the NCJGA.

The mission behind NCJGA is to all kids the opportunity to learn the game of golf and enjoy the game of golf. Emerick is a teacher who will encourage the kids to shoot for their dreams, but also gives them an ideal look at what it takes to reach that dream. Having fun, enjoying the game and working hard is the motto of what Emerick is teaching and providing with the North County Junior Golf Association.

The best way to get your kid involved in golf is to find a Pro at a golf course and sign them up for Sat. or Sun. class. The NCJGA is working with the First Tee organization and the Boy and Girls Clubs near you.

For more about the North County Junior Golf Assocation, check out their website: NCJGA.COM

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