StickIt Towel: The Magnetic Towel

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StickIt Towel: The Magnetic Towel from Monument Golf

There are three things that are inevitable in golf. You will miss hit a drive, you will chunk an iron and you will lose your golf towel. The first two are things that you can practice, losing your towel, well that is just something that seems like it can’t be fixed. That was a problem until StickIt Towel came into our lives. StickIt Towel is a magnetic towel that give the “everyday golfer” the ultimate convenience of a golf towel. This towel is designed with an industrial-strength magnet that can be placed on a cart or your clubs allowing for incredible accecssibility. No longer will you have to drive two holes back to try and find your towel that fell off your bag (we have all been there). The StickIt Towel can live on the cart or on your bag and you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the round. From Greenside pickups to fairway flushes, this towel will be with you through thick and thin. This is not just your regular towel either. it is a made with amazing materiel that will easily remove any grass stains on your golf ball or dirt on your club. Your clubs and golf ball will clean and ready to go for your next shot or next putt. Golf Life caught up with Monument Golf  to learn more about this incredible towel and why it should be your first and last golf towel. Get one for yourself! Click Here!


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