Beer Pong Golf

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Beer Pong Golf: Beer + Pong + Golf

Imagine it is the fourth of July. BBQ, friends, sunny and 75, but you are not sure what sort of summer activity or yard games you should be playing. Look no further than Beer Pong Golf. It is genious. Everybody like beer pong and everybody likes golf. You put the two together and you have one hell of a fourth of July party. Lucky for you Beer Pong Golf can be used for any occasion, anywhere. They have five different boards that you can choose from; The Original, The Single, The Foldable Set, The Tabletop and the Mini. Create excitement at tailgates, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties or even just for your backyard. Customize it and make it your own. Beer Pong Golf allows you to customize your board however you seen fit. Show off your creation at your next event with your favorite sports logo or you business logo on the boards.

The game is simple.

1. Start with the boards 6ft – 12ft apart (Depending on skill level)

2. Arrange the cups in a triangle shape.

3. Play as if you were playing beer pong but with a golf club in your hand.

Not only is this a fun outdoors (or indoors) activity, it also gives you the opportunity to practice. Short game, particularly around the greens, is where most people lack in their golf game. Why not make practice fun with the Beer Pong Golf. Work on 6ft chips all the way up to 12ft chips (following the rules). Pretty soon, you will be out in the backyard working on your game, while playing Beer Pong. What could be better than that?

If you want more information and where to buy Beer Pong Golf Click Here! Check out our video to learn the story behind this incredible game

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