Shoe Tips Gift Guide Feature

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Mike Billingsley and Nikki Kay feature ShoeTips during the 2017 Golf Life Gift Guide at Top Golf Las Vegas.  This feature is airing on the 2017 Golf Life Holiday Special currently airing on FoxSpots Networks.

ShoeTips help you master your golf mental game. ShoeTips are swing thoughts that you can wear on your shoes or on your golf bag. Pick from several different thoughts that you want to focus on during your round. Calm your mind and let them help you focus which will help you lower your score.

Each ShoeTips package comes with 18 interchangeable, weatherproof, pre-printed labels on a metal ring, a pair of plastic base clips, a Bagtag & loop, and instruction book. 

ShoeTips are easy to use. You choose 2 of the pre-printed swing thoughts, or write your own with an indelible marker on the back of the labels. Slide the labels over the 2 base clips, then slide the clips securely over your shoelaces where they cross. (No need to untie your laces.) When you look down your two reminders are right where you’ll see them as you prepare to swing. 

Try out ShoeTips and lower your score by playing better golf.

Golf Life is offering a 25% discount this holiday season. So head over to and start playing better golf!