SRIXON Q-Star Tour

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SRIXON Q-Star Tour

Srixon has been gushing about this ball since we met with them at the PGA Show in late January, the company couldn’t contain their excitement before launching the Q-Star Tour to the marketplace in late spring. Earlier this summer they sent these over for review. A urethane cover ball for the masses that offers tour like performance.

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

Is your driver swing over 90+ mph ? If it is, than check out Srixon’s Z-Star series golf balls (shown above – XV and standard Z-Star model), but for the majority of golfers the Q-Star Tour just might be what you’re the answer to what you’re looking for.

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

Srixon’s pure white urethane cover looks every bit the part, finally a ball that offers tour like performance for the recreational player with moderate swing speeds. Perhaps the best thing golfers get here is VALUE, at right around $30 you get a premium 3 piece soft urethane ball that offers low spin off the driver and shortgame spin (usually to get this combo it’ll cost $50 a dozen retail).

Unlike many of the new premium high value golf balls you can buy only online, the Q-Star Tour is available at your local pro shop and big box golf retailer.

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

Along with the 324 speed dimple soft urethane cover with SpinSkin coating, Srixon’s low 75 compression energetic gradient growth core allows for easier compression off the driver.


– Long, Accurate drives

– Tremendous iron distance

– Stable in Windy conditions

– Soft, responsive feel

SRIXON Q-Star Tour


If you’re a player of the Titleist NXT Tour S or the Wilson Duo Spin then you may want to check out the Q-Star Tour. According to Srixon the Q-Star Tour has longer distance off the mid irons and tighter dispersion off the driver. We can confirm that the Q-Star Tour held it’s line better in the South Florida crosswinds than many of the premium tour models we’ve tested. For shortgame control the Q-Star Tour spins just slightly less than the competitors tour urethane ball that cost around $50 per dozen, but spins significantly more than ANY of the competitors ionomer cover models in the comparable $30 per dozen price range.


If you’re a player who swings the driver under 90 mph and likes the performance of a tour ball, than the Q-Star Tour may be the only ball of its kind (other than the TaylorMade Project a) that offers such a thing. The Srixon is $5 less per dozen and does have a slightly firmer feel (75 compression) than TM’s 40 compression Project a. As a legitimate 3 piece urethane cover ball, Srixon’s Q-Star Tour provides a level of performance that exceeds just about everything at the $30 price point. A virtual slam dunk for the mid-high handicap player.

MSRP – $29.99


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