Walking Sticks Discount

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We see adjustable clubs everyday, especially with our Drivers. But when was the last time you utilized adjustable irons. Walking Sticks consists of three adjustable irons. You get a 3/4/5, a 6/7/8, and a 9/P/S. The adjusting lever makes it very simple to switch from a 3 iron to a 5 iron in just a matter of seconds. A regular golf bag has 14 clubs in it and weighs about 27lbs. The walking sticks and lightweight bag weighs about 10lbs. Which would you rather carry? Especially when there are Par 3 courses all over the nation, all you need is your Walking Sticks and a putter and you will be just fine!

Walking Sticks wants to offer you a special discount during the holiday season. Get $100 OFF and a FREE Golf Bag on your next purchase. They are a great gift for the golfer in your life. The health benefits alone, by using the Walking Sticks and walking golf courses, is a huge aspect to why people are loving this product! Fill out the form below, access the promo code, and get $100 OFF and a FREE Golf Bag today! Check out their spec at walkingsticksgolf.com