Balance Golf Tip from Glenn Deck

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Today we’re here to improve your golf game. We’ve got a very simple golf tip that’s gonna improve both your length and accuracy. Yes, both, length and accuracy. It’s learning how to use your hips correct in the golf swing, learning how to use them as a counterbalance to provide more power in your golf game.

Now, what we want to do here is first, this is our balance line right here. Stand nice and tall on it so we’re nice and balanced. The upper body’s gonna tilt down. Sternum goes down, hips go out to counterbalance, knees flex. Now we’re in balance here. Remember, guys, the hips are moving out to counterbalance the upper body tilting forward here. In your golf swing, we’ll simply make a nice turn back. Let your right shoulder and right hip turn back. Again, make that transition. We want to feel like our right hip stays back, our left knee, left hip’s kind of sitting a little bit here. Again, we’re in balance here. If I can do that, guys, I can have the force now moving down and out to the golf ball and a counterbalance out behind me here. That promotes a nice turn through the golf ball. What we see most amateurs do is they get here and they get in a hurry and they turn first and it throws them up on their toes.

The club goes either across, we pull it left, or I stand up and I block it right. Remember, guys, it’s a very simple process. Go back, leave your right hip alone until you get your left leg to kind of set. Feel like you’re sitting a little bit here. Now, the best way to create a feel for that… is to grab a couple of weights. For ladies, 3 pounds is great. For men, 4 pounds. And for juniors, even go like 2 pounds apiece here. Take your setup. Feel your balance here. Simply turn back and swing the weights back.

The key in the downswing is let the right hip stay quiet here. Let the left one move so we feel like we’re kind of sitting. That creates a counterbalance ’cause the weights go down and out to the target here. I’m gonna maintain my balance all the way through the swing now. What we tend to see most amateurs do is they get here, they get in a hurry. They want to turn first so it throws them up on their toes. Then they come across it and pull it left, or I stand up and block it right. Remember, guys, learn how to make that little bit of a sit here. Keep that right hip back. Set the left hip and finish in balance. When you can do that, you’ll hit a ball much farther, much straighter.

If you need more help, just go see your local PGA pro, or go see Glenn Deck at Pelican Hill!

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