Golf Tip: How to make Solid Contact

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“Solid contact, it’s probably the most desired feeling of impact  for any golfer.” Devan BoneBrake isn’t wrong in this video where he gives his best tips on how to get the most solid contact on a golf shot. In this golf tip Devan goes over an iron drill to help with solid contact, maximum compression and ideal and consistent distance. He will go over what to do in your golf swing to assure that your swing gives the most solid contact on a ball that you can get.

Most amature golfers struggle to hit the ball solid consistently, and it’s an important essential to an amateur’s golf game. Hitting the ball with a solid strike will assure a hard hitting shot down the middle of the fairway. Not only is solid contact synonymous with a great golfer and a great golf swing, but it is also very satisfying when on the course and can eliminate stress causing for a better mental game as well.

Devan will go over how the setup stance and the impact stance are two different things. He talks about the importance of maintaining the impact alignments through the ball and how these factors will help make your shots more consistent and make the club face more stable. In this in depth tip on how to make solid contact devan will walk you through his iron drill step by step to help get the satisfying feeling of solid contact.

Devan explains that this tip will help you hit the ball first and the ground second, which is an important fundamental in golf. If you utilize this drill Devan promises solid contact, more distance, and even better compression for your golf shots. If you want to get more tips from Devon, or want to find out more about him you can visit


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