VC200 Golf GPS Rangefinder from Voice Caddie

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Voice Caddie VC200

I have been lucky enough to review several different GPS distance measuring devices in the last several years. Some of them have a bunch of additional functions and options more than just giving you a distance to the hole. If you are looking for a very simple way to get your yardages without pushing a bunch of buttons or trying to line up a flag in a laser you should consider the VC200 from Voice Caddie.

The VC200 is an innovative, compact device that gives you the basic information you need to improve your game. Simply clip the voice-guided GPS onto your belt or your hat and you can get spot-on distance measurements. No digging through your bag looking for the unit, or trying to read a digital display in the bright sunshine, one push is all it takes.

Voice Caddie VC200
The VC200 is your own personal caddie, simply click a button to activate the innovative voice-guided golf GPS. While other rangefinders on the market can be off, the VC200 guarantees accuracy. Consider it your own personal caddie, giving you distance instructions and feedback on the course. The VC200 provides you with a audio distance measurements within three meters or a little more than 3 yards.

Accurate Distance Measurements
Whether you’re looking for the distance to the green or your shot distance, you’ll hear accurate measurements from the VC200. The device is accurate, with a margin for error within a little more than three yards. That is plenty accurate for most recreational golfers, certainly for my game.

Cutting-Edge Design
Weighing in at under 0.85 ounces and measuring just 1 ½” wide by 1 ¾” tall by ½” thick including the clip, the VC200 is so compact that it clips right onto your hat or belt without adding extra bulk. Get the data and stats that you need on the course. The volume control buttons are easily accessible and can be adjusted to limit distractions to your playing partners. There is also a ball marker on the clip side of the device.

Voice Caddie VC200

40,000 Available Courses available
The VC200 comes with 30,000 preloaded courses, and offers more than 40,00 courses worldwide. You won’t have to spend time programming your device before taking it out for a day on the course. Just turn on the device a couple of minutes before your round and you will be good to go! There are no additional or hidden subscription fees with the VC200 device. It is all set to go once it’s charged right out of the box.

Automatic Course and Hole Recognition
While getting ready to go out for a game of golf, you should be excited for a day on the course, not worrying about your gadgets. With the VC200. You won’t have to worry about programming your device; it automatically recognizes what course you’re playing, as well as which hole you’re currently on. If you happen to be playing holes with parallel fairways the device may jump to that hole, you can quickly push the button to go back to the proper hole.

Golf Metronome System
Develop a better swing rhythm with the device’s unique swing tempo function. This would be a good feature to use on the practice range or during a practice round.

Rechargeable Battery
The battery is rechargeable and lasts up to nine hours when fully charged. Charge before heading out, clip it to your hat or belt, and don’t worry about it dying during your time on the course. When your battery does need a recharge, the VC200 will alert you. The cord plugs into a USB adapter that most people have around these days from their cell phones.

Voice Caddie VC200

Additional Standard Features

Volume Control
Two buttons on the side of the device control the volume. These buttons can also be used to toggle between meters and yards and to manually change holes.

Multilingual Options
The device can read out information to you in nine different languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Golf is hard enough for me in English I didn’t dare to try Italian or German.

Inside the Box
A USB cable, user manual and a ball marker all comes in the box

Very simple to setup and use
Compact in size and weight
Tells you your battery life when you power it up
A great value, low cost of investment

It provides you only simple distances, no bells and whistles here! What you hear is what you get!
No choice for a voice, a woman’s voice was fine for me but others might not like it.

Voice Caddie VC200

So if you are a golfer looking for the basic yardages to the center of green and the distance you hit that monster drive consider the VC200 from Voice Caddie. I think you will be happy with the results you get and it will definitely save you some time searching around for yardage markers or pacing off distances. Voice Caddie has multiple styles and types of golf measuring devices so check them out at

Michael Hallee
Golf Life Contributor


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