Forte Golf Balls

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Golf Life headed out to the course to review two styles of Forte Golf Balls, the Tour performance S and the Apex 6 (The World’s First 6 layer golf ball)!

Forte Golf Balls

Tour performance S – 3-Piece Golf Ball

  1. P.R.B. High-Energy Core: The low compression core that provides super-soft feel and lower spin rate of the tee.
  2. Ultra-Soft HPF Resin: A extremely thin layer of resin that perfectly blends the core with its cast urethane cover.
  3. Cast Urethane Cover: Along with an exclusive patented polyurethane formula that provides excellent spin control around the green along with incredible soft feel.


Forte Golf Balls

Apex 6 – 6-piece Golf Ball

  1. P.R.B. High-Energy Core: The high energy core with super-soft and low compression leads to ultimate distance with low spin off the tee.
  2. Soft HPF Resin: The first mantle layer is made by soft and lightning reaction formula for the improved touch and feel.
  3. Mid-Soft HPF Resin: The energy transfer layer is a perfect combination of the first and third layers characteristics.
  4. Toughness HPF Resin: Offering extraordinary control, the third layer has the greatest flexibility and flexural strength.
  5. Surlyn Lonomer Resin: Resin that is used to aid generating greater spin control around the green.
  6. Cast Urethane Cover: Along with an exclusive patented polyurethane formula that provides excellent spin control around the green along with incredible soft feel



The balls played and handled great. They play super straight with a fluid swing and are hard to scuff up. The balls, at the end of the round, didn’t have a single scratch on them and not one was lost. The Tour performance S was great for Golf Life Co-Host Colton little due to his insanely quick swing speed. This made for solid contact with his swing and mostly fairway shots following his initial drive. Golf Life Host Mike Billingsley hit the Apex 6 which is better for slower swing speeds and the ball for him stayed strait as well. 

Forte Golf Balls

These golf balls are awesome for any golfer and they belong in every golfer’s bag. The ball made for a fun round and there were only few moments of not hitting out of the fairway. These moments came from either error of the player or the club, never the ball. The ball made the swings feel smooth and solid while hitting to the green, these traits were evident on the green as well.

With both the tour one and the apex having their solid designs while on the greens it was easy to manipulate where the ball was going. The ball gives you so much control from any distance from the whole, whether that’s 3 feet from the hole or 200 yards out. The Forte golf balls made for a great day of golf and felt great coming off of any club. The golf ball’s are unique and are of very high quality.

Forte Golf Balls

So go get yourself a sleeve or even a whole box of Forte Golf Balls all you have to do is visit their website at and get your Forte golf balls today.


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