Chipping Pro – Chipping Training Aid

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Chipping Pro


If there’s one thing that all golfers need to work on, it’s their short game. My good friend, a golfer who has competed on the Tour and in the PGA Championship, told me that a golfer’s short game on Tour usually separates the best from the rest. Living on a course and seeing everyone that comes through, most people spend little to no time practicing their short game but rather hitting nothing but full swings and a few putts. That’s why I think the Chipping Pro is a good idea, mostly because it can be used at home.

The Chipping Pro is a chipping training aid that teaches proper form. This is achieved by having a raised back edge and an angled flap at the front. The raised edge creates an obstruction that causes the club to take the proper path, while the flap helps make sure you follow through correctly. The ball rests on a turf platform that is only 15mm off the ground. After a chip, you simply use the club to reset the flap and place the ball back on the turf.

Chipping Pro

There are two methods that are used by tour professionals and the Chipping Pro can help practice each of them. The Hinge & Hold and Pull Through Methods both have videos available on their website so you can choose your method and become a better chipper!

For this review, I did some testing along with a few others. I was the only single digit handicapper where everyone else was 14 or higher. I consider my short game to be one of the better parts of my game, but it could definitely improve. As for the other testers, they all struggle with too many wasted shots around the greens that cause their scores to skyrocket.

Chipping Pro

The 14 handicapper struggled but after multiple uses and using the instant feedback, they were making crisper contact and generating more spin than before. She was pretty excited to see the difference and explained that the ball would be easier to control with the added spin and consistency. The highest handicap golfers that I worked with found that they became too frustrated to spend much time with the aid. Although I explained to them that this was proof their form was way off, neither wanted to continue.

Chipping Pro

As for me, I spent a ton of time using this before I got out to the course to try it out. I personally love the consistency this thing forces you to have. You simply can’t hit the ball without doing it correctly. If you’re slightly off, you’re gonna catch the raised edge and miss the ball. I think this is why the higher handicappers struggled so much. I think if they would have spent the time perfecting it, the results would have been there. I definitely recommend this product to anyone, just be sure to stay patient and use the feedback the Chipping Pro is giving you. If you do, more consistency and lower scores will be heading your way!

Price : $39.99

We loved it and we think the Chipping Pro can help you and your short game!!

Josh Ross
Golf Life Contributor


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