Antigua – Apparel For Your Game

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Antigua golf apparel

Antigua Golf Apparel


Antigua is popping up everywhere these days. I think I’ve seen some type of Antigua apparel in nearly every pro shop or golf store I’ve been in. After trying out the new Antigua Desert Dry polo this last weekend I definitely see why.

Recently, I’ve been testing out several pieces in particular from Antigua featuring their newest performance Desert Dry moisture-wicking technology. Antigua Desert Dry is an exclusive moisture wicking fabrication that’s designed to keep you dry and comfortable. I have to say that having this particular type of shirt here in Southern California is an absolute must for me!


Although it’s a middle price point, you definitely get what you pay for with Antigua apparel. It’s not on the cheaper side and the shirts range anywhere from $40-$70 which means Antigua can target a wide range of consumers. You can even buy these on Amazon, or Golf Galaxy with the option of including your favorite team’s logo on your apparel

Antigua golf apparel

The Shirts

The first polo I tried, from the Survey collection, was a fire red color (they referred to it as Cajun). The overall design of the shirt is rather simple and that’s exactly what I like about the shirt. There isn’t a whole lot going on with it which is perfect for golfers who don’t like loud and busy fashion. There is a basic geometric design on the shirt that makes it pop just a bit more than a traditional solid color but it’s still quite simple. For me, simplicity is key and this shirt hits the nail on the head in that regard. Like any polo you’ll see now a days, it’s a three button shirt with the buttons matching the unique Cajun color.

The “moisture-wicking technology” of the polo was easily right up there with the my usual shirts I wear out on the course. As I mentioned above, being located in Southern California where the weather is usually fairly warm out means I can’t wear a shirt that isn’t going to keep my dry. I could only imagine that if you golfed in an even warmer part of the country, say Arizona, how important this is to your game. Don’t let a shirt ruin your round of golf for you!

The second of the two shirt’s Antigua sent us was a white polo from the Array collection. This specific shirt is made up of 100% polyester and had a simple yet creative pattern. This polo had the same “Desert Dry moisture-wicking fabric” that the first Survey collection polo had. This is exactly the type of shirt that you can wear all four seasons. If I had to choose, I would recommend going with a color different than white. The white was a bit too thin for my taste and I would personally prefer a darker color. This specific shirt sells at Golf Galaxy for $66 and includes free shipping.

Antigua golf apparel

The Golf Jacket

The third item I tested out for Antigua was a golf jacket that honestly surprised me a bit. It was extremely lightweight so I thought it would be more of a windbreaker than anything. Well it wasn’t. This jacket is perfect for those of you who hit the course right as the sun’s still rising. The jacket was a gunmetal grey and had a great attention to detail as the stitching throughout the entire jacket matched the gunmetal grey. It was also a full zip which is great because the ¼ zip jackets tend to be a bit tough to get off. There is also a mock neck on the jacket for those of you who may play in a bit windier conditions.

It’s a warmer jacket than I expected and is extremely comfortable with the 100% polyester material selection. I don’t know how often I would use this during the Summer here in Southern california but I see this being a perfect choice if you play most of your golf in the Fall or early Spring. If you’re concerned about it getting a bit wet, don’t be. There is a water resistant finish added to the jacket which is a nice surprise from Antigua. This particular jacket goes for about $83 and is an absolute steal considering jackets similar to this one goes for well over $100.

The Wrap Up

All in all, Antigua Apparel proved to me why they are in golf pro shops all around the world. The quality, the technology behind the apparel, and the price are all absolutely amazing. Don’t just take my word on it, you can pick your next polo or golf jacket up today by going to Antigua’s site and placing your order.

Get your own Antigua Apparel here.



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