swingOil – The Ultimate Golf Supplement‎

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The Ultimate Golfer’s Supplement

First Impression:  swingOIL is a drink supplement to use before, during or after your round of golf. The squeezable pouches with several flavors make it perfect to throw in your bag and enjoy between shots. Let’s see if swingOIL can replace gatorade or the classic Arnold Palmer!

The Product:

According to their website, “swingOIL is a golfer’s ideal companion. Drink it before tee-time, to stay loose; during your rounds, to avoid playing tight when it matters most; and after the final putt, to help your body prepare for tomorrow’s game.” Those are some strong words that most golfers should be thinking about and take notice. swingOIL has 7 key ingredients that keeps you flexible, focused, loose and smooth every time you tee it up. Their moto is “Get Loose. Swing Smooth” I personally would love to have this on a golf t-shirt. swingOIL is available in 3 oz. pouches that come in orange, lemon-lime and strawberry-banana flavors. PGA Tour player Jason Day is their biggest brand ambassador. If you have not seen his commercials for the product then you must have been hiding under a rock. There are several Champions Tour golfers using swingOIL as well.

swingOIL7 Key Ingredients:

1 – GLUCOSAMINE (100 mg.) & 2 – CHONDROITIN (50mg.)
3 – TURMERIC (40 mg.)
4 – TAURINE (100 mg.)
6 – GINSENG EXTRACT (100 mg.)

I am sure you all know exactly what these ingredients are and why they decided to use those. If you are not an expert like myself then feel free to head over HERE to learn more about each and why they chose these ingredients.


The first time I tried one was on a day that I didn’t sleep very well and was very sluggish in the office. I wasn’t even golfing but decided to at least try it and see what I thought. I tried the Lemon-Lime flavor and was pleasantly surprised how good it tasted. I don’t even think it was 30 min later and I felt like I had more energy and wasn’t feeling so blah. Now, I am not saying this is a energy drink like Red Bull or anything. All I am saying is that it made me more aware and gave me a boost of energy for the rest of the day. A few days later, I drank one before my round of golf. I felt looser then normal and felt absolutely great. I had a great round and didn’t feel exhausted after 18 holes.

swingOILMy big test was during one of our long film shoots. On a normal golf shoot we are out on the course filming from sun up to sun down. Those make for some long exhausting days. I drank one right when we arrived at the course and another right after lunch. The entire day flew by and I didn’t have my normal fatigue afterwards. In fact, I felt great!


Each 3 oz. pouch cost between $2.50-3.00 bucks depending on the quantity that you order. They offer a variety of amounts between 4 and 60 packs to purchase. My first thought was that was pricey. You can usually get a huge soft drink or energy drink for that cost. However, those drinks more than likely won’t loosen you up and make you feel better in the long run.

Final Thoughts:

The great thing about a product like swingOIL is that it isn’t your everyday golf product. I may test out a club or a new training aid and use it a few times before moving on to the next review. I can personally say that I will continue to use swingOIL. I found that I liked all three flavors and the amount given in each pouch was perfect. They are the perfect size to put into a small cooler or even in your golf bag. The easy tear off top is easy to drink out of with no need of straws or even a cup. I can’t say if swingOIL will make you a better golfer or even make you feel looser.  I don’t even think I paid attention to my actual golf game but more to the effects of how great I felt and the amount of extra energy I had for that actual round. They definitely wont be replacing your everyday drinks or cocktails. So for now the cart girls job is SAFE! Head over to their website and see if this golfer’s supplement can make you play your best game!