Levelhead Putting Training Aid

Levelhead – A Golf Putting Training Aid

The Levelhead Ball Marker from Iron-Lad Golf is a training aid that can help most golfers improve their putting by eliminating those extra strokes. This isn’t your typical ball marker. The Levelhead has a bubble level built into the ball marker. So not only is it a ball marker but it will help every golfer be able to read the greens by showing you if there is a slope. Having this type of information will help shave strokes in your game.

How it Works

  • Place the Levelhead behind your ball on the green.
  • If the bubble moves to the left then you Putt to the Left
  • If the bubble moves to the right then you Putt to the Right
  • On uphill putts, if the bubble moves forward then you would Putt Harder
  • On downhill putts, if the bubble moves downward then you would Putt Softer


“This piece of golf equipment has made a real difference in how I approach the putt. Its got to the point where, the more I played with it, the more I can’t play without it. I was literally reaching for it in my pocket each and every time I putt the ball”  

Vance Dalton  Upland, CA.

“This is one of the most important pieces of equipment in my bag. It really gives me more confidence lining up my putts”     

Mark Doherty  San Diego, CA

This product has made me more aware of just how many undulations there are on the putting surface”. It has definitely made me more focused

Mike Alverson  Escondido, CA

“Just wanted to say what a great product the level head is I got 4 1 for me and the others for the guys I always play with although I wish I didn’t I know 2 are putting 10 times better than before & now starting to get my money, but as usual I’m a day late and a dollar short cause now you come out with this great deal buy 2 and get that cool divot tool, well live and learn don’t jump on the first great thing that comes along cause if you wait there probably is a deal coming out for it later, anyway just wanted to let you know what an outstanding product you have !!! Bruce Battles (a very satisfied customer)”

Bruce Battles

Pretty simple right!!! Head over to Iron-Ladgolf.com and try one for yourself.

Place it. Get Your Read. Putt. Sink.