Green Sleeve Golf Ball Cleaner

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Green Sleeve Golf Ball Cleaner

Green Sleeve Golf

Welcome to another year of golf product reviews for Golf Life. I am really looking forward to 2017 and all the new and innovative golf products I will be presented with to review.

We are going to start of 2017 with a simple product in concept and design but you will be surprised what this simple product brings to your game. This product is the Green Sleeve Golf Ball Cleaner and comes out of the United Kingdom, the home of golf. I can hear all the golfers now saying why do I need a specific product to clean my ball when I have a towel on my bag to do that? Good question, have you ever walked to the green to mark your ball only to find mud or dirt on it? Of course you have, everyone has and especially during the spring when the conditions are less than ideal.

So what happens when you mark your ball and walk all the way back to your bag or cart to use the towel to clean the ball or rub it on the grass or clean it with your hand? What if you had a small and inconspicuous product in your pocket that could get the job done quicker and better than a trip back and to the bag? Enter the Green Sleeve golf ball cleaner! It’s ideally designed to complete the task of cleaning your ball or club all while saving you time during your round of golf. Count up the trips back and forth to clean your ball during 18 holes of golf and you can quickly see the time savings a golfer would obtain if they used a Green Sleeve.

Green Sleeve Golf

So how does it work?

The Green Sleeve has a unique microfiber cleaning center to remove loose dirt, dry and polish golf balls & clubs but unlike a golf towel the Green Sleeve is always with you in your pocket. Specially designed with a collar at each end to allow golfers to hold the sleeve comfortably and insert a ball or iron to clean.
There is also a loop that can be used to attach to a bag if you choose too. The inside is made from Microfiber, an extremely fine fiber that is able to absorb more particles of dirt than any other fabric known and this makes the Green Sleeve a GAME CHANGER.

Green Sleeve Golf
It removes dirt from golf balls and clubs, just like a golf towel yet it’s lightweight and always in your pocket, unlike your golf towel! The Green Sleeve is also available with a spot to hold a magnetic golf ball marker that keeps your ball marker at the ready, no more digging around in your pocket to find a ball marker. The Green Sleeve comes in variety of designs and it is also customizable with your company or course logo, a perfect addition to your tournament goodie grab bag.

Pros & Cons

I don’t see any cons with this product only pros. The item is very compact and can fit easily into one’s pocket. The time saved during a round of golf will add up very quickly making your day that much more enjoyable. The product works on clubs as well as your golf ball. It’s machine washable so cleaning it between rounds is not a problem. The fact that you can order customized versions is something you and your golf tournament can enjoy. This will give you a keepsake for many rounds of golf to follow.

Please take sometime to check them out at for all of their different designs as well as their customized options. I look forward to using my Green Sleeve golf ball cleaner for many rounds of golf as we kick off the new 2017 season.

Mike Hallee
Golf Life Contributor