Callaway Golf: The NEW GBB EPIC Driver

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Callaway Golf: The NEW GBB EPIC Driver

gbb epic driver
Callaway Golf

There’s cool, and then there’s EPIC! This is Callaway Golf’s newest addition to the driver family. This is the GBB Epic (Great Big Bertha). If you are purely going off the “eye test”, this driver is BADASS! If you are looking for a futuristic, modernized driver, Callaway Golf has created it. Between the chrome, black, and green, this driver looks to be extremely clean. For some, the “eye test” is all you need, but here at Golf Life we like to dig into the technology and what it does the best!

The GBB Epic is all about ball speed. The ability to create more ball speed is the name of the game. It is my opinion that with all the technology in all the drivers today, it is hard to get a leg up on the competition when it comes to ball speed. It seems like everyone has their own ideas, but nobody has simply slipped away from the competition. Callaway is claiming that their new Jailbreak Technology increases ball speed in a real way. The NEW Jailbreak Technology is said to dramatically increases the distance in your drives by stiffening the body of the face to transfer more energy to the ball. Seems plausible. The Jailbreak bars inside of the golf club, just inside the club face, is made with titanium bars that create a strong connection between the crown the sole. Stronger connection between the two means more distance after impact.

On the flip side, the club head is made out of triaxial carbon with a titanium exo-cage. In “average golfer terms” this means that the clubhead is extremely light weight allowing for amazing control and forgiveness. We have seen sort of the same technology with the M1 and M2 Drivers from TaylorMade. Now, when you put a lightweight head and a reinforced clubface together, you get a golf club with tons of speed and tons of distance.

As for the sound of the club, we won’t truly know what it is all about until they fully release it to the consumer. You will be able to pre-order this golf club on JAN. 13th, 2017. The GBB Epic Driver looks to be a solid golf club with a lot of potential. If you want to learn more about the technology, specs, or shaft options CLICK HERE!


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