Rory McIlroy Switches to Callaway, Titleist & Odyssey

Rory McIlroy Switches to Callaway, Titleist and Odyssey

This was certainly one of the bigger storylines to look forward to in 2017. After Nike stopped all production on golf clubs, there were several high-profile names looking for new equipment to use. These high-profile free agents demoed, practice with, and played multiple manufacturers to find the best fit for them. For Rory McIlroy, though, the search is over and he has found a home with some big brands.

Although Rory McIlroy has not agreed to any new endorsements yet, he will be playing new sticks in 2017. McIlroy is said to be switching his Woods and irons to Callaway. He will be playing the new GBB Epic Sub Zero collection for the woods and the Apex MB for his irons. Reports have confirmed he will also be using an Odyssey Putter and Titleist ball (Pro V1x). For his short game, he will be using the famous Titleist Vokey wedges.

“I want to play the new ProV1x ball and I know the Callaway driver works the best with it,” McIlroy told the site. “I also know my Nike irons don’t work as well with the Titleist ball because of the groove format. Too spinny, and a loss of distance.”

The big takeaway here is the Odyssey putter. In recent history, Rory McIlroy had been very “off and on” with his Nike putter. You might even remember him changing his grip towards the end of the 2016 season. So the fact that he is going with Odyssey says a lot about the production of that specific putter. Another big takeaway is the fact that he is actually changing his clubs. Again, towards the end of the 2016 season, he was playing at peak performance. So changing clubs could mess with that mojo!

“No reason to start changing just because I can. I’m comfortable with everything,” McIlroy said at Bethpage Black. “I’ve got them to save me three years’ worth of golf balls, so at least I’ve got a golf ball that I like and that I know that I can play well with.”

Now, let’s be honest. How hard could it be to get used to a new ball? I understand the woods, irons, wedges and putters because of each manufacturers forging process and specific grooving patterns, but a golf ball can’t be that hard.

We will see how he does. He will debut his new set of golf clubs at the BMW South African Open on Jan. 12th. Here are my predictions on how he will do on the first hole.

DRIVE: Pushes it right, into the rough, at 317 Yards

IRON: Miss hits his iron a little left, missed the green, goes into the greenside bunker

Wedge: Hits a beautiful flop shot out of the bunker and puts it 8 feet from the hole

Putter: Misses his 8-foot putt, taps in for a bogey on #1.

Mark my words, it will be the clubs fault when all of this goes down! Wait and watch, it will happen!