Longer Driving Shafts?

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Do You Want Longer Driving Shafts?

The USGA Could Say…NO WAY!


In October of 2016, the USGA sent out a notice to all manufacturers in the club making business. Golf’s ruling body is proposing that the maximum, legal length of the driving shafts is 46.5 inches. Right now, the legal length is 48 inches. If I am doing my math correct, that is 2.5 inches. In all honesty, that’s a pretty big change. The notice was sent on Oct. 17th, 2016, but the USGA previously sent out a notice two years ago saying they were in the process of initializing the rule.

This USGA notice regarding the driver shafts is based on the research of players using drivers longer than 46.5 inches is “only a small fraction of golfers at any level.” The USGA surveyed 600 professional golfers on several different tours and 400 recreational players. Of those 1000 golfers, 1.1% of professionals and 2.1% of recreational golfers are using driving shafts longer than 46.5 inches long.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the 1.1% of professional golfers using a driving shaft longer than 46.5 inches are players outside of the top 100 of the world ranking in any given Tour. Why? Because they need a leg up and they will do anything to play golf on Saturday and Sunday. Those golfers you see every day (Jordan, Rickie, Jason, Rory) are probably way too paranoid to even flirt with this rule. But that is just a guess!


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The real problem here is that too many people are hitting the ball too far. One, because of the human size. People have recently figured out that if you lift weights and workout consistently, you build muscle. When you build muscle, you become stronger. When you become stronger, you hit the ball farther. Instead of telling golfers they can’t work out and get stronger, the USGA has the driving shaft to crack down on. The USGA is still accustomed to the player that drinks beer and doesn’t take care of their body. While the 12 .oz curls will build some muscle, it won’t add any distance to your drives.

Bottom line, the human golfer, technology, and golf course lengths are surpassing the intelligence that is the USGA. It is my recommendation that you keep your STUPID rules to yourself and let the BIG DOG EAT! Nobody likes hitting the ball 290. Everybody likes hitting the ball 420. Quite honestly, golf would be a lot more fun to play and to watch if scores were in the -30’s. It’s like football, who likes watching a 7-3 game? Who likes watching the leaderboard of a golf tournament at +2? Even though the USGA is about as fun as Roger Goodell, we probably won’t have a say and the USGA will do whatever the hell they want!




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