Jack Nicklaus Blames Golf Balls

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The Recent Course Closures Are Because Of…Balls?

jack nicklaus
Courtesy of Nicklaus.com

Jack “The Golden Bear Nicklaus” is arguably the greatest golfer ever. So when he has a concern about the sport of golf, you listen. It is no secret that golf is struggling. Adults are not playing anymore, kids and young adults aren’t playing, and the older generation just can’t get out anymore. Some may say that it is because of the expensive nature of golf, or the time in takes to play a round of golf, or even that golf is just too dang hard. Well, Jack Nicklaus has some other thoughts on it! His theory is all about the golf ball.

In Ponte Verde Beach, Florida, at the HSBC Golf Business Forum, Jack Nicklaus spoke about how the golf ball is the cuprit to course closures around the nation. This is an 18-time major champion and a guy who has the golfing world at his fingertips, so we think he has a voice that should be heard.

“Fact is, more golf courses have closed in the U.S. in each of the last 10 years than have opened,” Nicklaus said. “This is thanks in great part to changes in the golf ball and the distance it travels. Courses have had to change along with it. It’s now a slower game and more expensive than before, and that can’t be a good thing.”

Nicklaus does have a solution, though. If we create golf balls that are specifically tailored to each golf course, courses will not be forced to add length. Seems simple enough. Just make those million dollar golf companies do their job. Their job is to create golf balls, so create them.

“We don’t want to change the game for the core golfer, but we need to make every effort to offer alternatives to bring more people into the game and keep them in the game,” Nicklaus said. “I think we need to develop a golf ball to suit the golf course, rather than build courses to suit a golf ball. Whether it’s a ball that goes 50%, 75%, or 100%, you play a ball that fits the course and your game.”

It’s all about that give and take, Jack. Get a little, give a little. Pretty simple. The last thing we need is for more golf courses to close, so there needs to be a solution and Jack has one!