Tiger Woods Is Back

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Tiger Woods Is Back… But With A New Look!

tiger woods bag

We all know that Nike has pulled out of the golf game. And while some of the top players in the world are looking for other accommodations, Tiger Woods has found a temporary (or permanent) solution! The sponsor on a PGA Tour Professionals golf bag is huge news. Second to the clothing and clubs that the golfer is wearing and using, the bag is the next biggest sponsored equipment.

According to ESPN, Monster Energy will be the company that Tiger Woods will put on his golf bag for the Hero World Championship. Monster is currently the second-biggest energy drink on the market today (behind, of course Red Bull).

In recent times, when Tiger would actually play golf in a PGA Tour-sanctioned event, MusclePharm was the logo featured on his bag. Again, according to ESPN, MusclePharm paid Tiger  $2.5 million to terminate his contract. Tiger Woods’ profile of endorsements featured Titleist, Buick, AT&T, Nike, and Fuse Science. These days, those endorsements are slim to none. But, Monster will join Nike, Rolex, Upper Deck, Hero, and Kowa as his current sponsors.

If you ask me, Nike, Rolex, Upper Deck, Hero, and Kowa are some loyal (AND I MEAN LOYAL) companies. They stood by this dude, for what seems like 10 years, of a lot of down and very little up’s. But, in saying that, Tiger Woods is probably still one of the best players in the world and if he makes it back into the spotlight, these companies will look smart as hell for staying with him. If he gets hurt or becomes a bust I don’t want to say those companies will be kicking themselves, but they might be a little disappointed. But, if they are smart, like I said they are, they probably have a backup plan to endorse someone who is relevant and isn’t made of glass!

Nevertheless, smart move by Monster! You know all those cameras are going to be on Tiger like 96.895% of the time! Good luck this week Tiger and for everyone’s sanity, DON’T DROP OUT OF THIS TOURNAMENT!

Colton Little



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