Golf Tip From Mike Malaska

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How To Maintain Weight & Force with Mike Malaska

The golf swing has a lot of moving parts and there are a lot of perceptions out there that try to make you swing your driver one way or another! A lot of the perception has to do with lag! One concept that has really hurt a lot of people and caused Mike Malaska issues in the past is the perception of how to direct the club head through the swing motion!  At the top of your swing your average driver weighs about 12-14 ounces. When the driver starts down toward the ball, that same driver gains in weight in force, thus causing the shaft to fall back behind you!

To get the feel of this, Mike Malaska advises you to take a basket or bag full of weight and put in on the end of your club and try to make a swing it will be evident that the driver is much heavier half way through your swing than at the top. When the head of the driver gets to about half way down in your swing, it weighs about 20lbs in force! That is a huge difference in weight!

Watch the video above to learn how Mike Malaska is able to keep the weight and force on the fastest and most powerful path, thus making a good swing! He uses the idea of “driving a steering wheel”, which in turn will allow you to have more control over the driver face at impact! For more advice and instruction from teachers like Mike Malaska, check out our Lesson Center today!

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