When Rabbits Attack

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WAIT! How Did Eddie Pepperell Get Injured?

Eddie Pepperell is a golfer who is bidding for his European Tour Card. While finishing Q-School in Catalunya, the 25-year-old made the terrible mistake of stepping into a vicious rabbit hole. Yes, you read that correct. Eddie Pepperell stepped into a rabbit hole and got hurt. You might be thinking, “He must have sprained his ankle, or stubbed a toe.” NO, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

First of all, I want you to picture what that could have looked like. Picture a large human being, maybe in the 6-foot tall range, minding his own business walking down the side of the fairway. Now, Ten feet in front of that human being is a rabbit hole. Have you ever seen a rabbit hole? Neither have I, but I can imagine it’s not small. So, this human is walking and there is a big hole in front of him. Instead of walking around the hole, or, at the very least, looking at the hole in curiosity, this dude finds a way to put his foot inside of it. THIS WAS THE DAMAGE!

“I fell down a hole and had a bit of an accident with my club in the process,” Pepperell told BBC radio.. “My ankle came off a little bit worse for wear. “Thankfully the physio did a good job bandaging it up and we battled through the pain.”

Yeah, YA THINK! The dude got his ankle devoured by some resentful rabbits. These rabbits were not only angry, but they were also venomous. Which brings me to this questions. Since when are rabbits venomous? The only rabbits I have ever know are fluffy white ones who run away from you if you get within ten feet of them. Never have I ever heard of a rabbit trying to kill you! ALTHOUGH, I feel like this is a scary, deleted scene from Monty Python!

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I have to give it to Pepperell! He took it like a champ, threw some dirt on it, and finished his round. Maybe next time, don’t let your foot find a rabbit hole to fall into. Lesson Learned: There are killer rabbits in this world! One more thing to worry about!

Colton Little



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