Cure Putters Discount

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Since the spring of 2013, Cure Putters has been a huge success on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and the LPGA Tour, all because of what it can do to a putting stroke. Cure Putters is made with higher MOI (Moment of Inertia), adjustability in the weight of the putter and the lie angle, interchangeable shafts and a better role. All of these combined make for a putter that is the “fastest growing putter on the Champions Tour.” In 2014 they had two models of putters. Today, they have over 10 different putters that will help you shave stokes off your score! Cure Putters are engineered to perform and represent the new benchmark of putter technology in the golfing world.

Cure Putters is teaming up with Golf Life to offer you $75 OFF your next putter! Pick the type of putter and the color you want, and start eliminating stokes one putt at a time.This past year, Cure Putters was named to the Golf Digests Hot list and was featured on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive and the PGA Show Spotlight. This Putter is taking the golf world by storm, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to save money!

Get $75 OFF your next order. Fill out four to right for the discount link!