G/FORE Golf Apparel

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G/FORE: Classic & Unique Golfing Apparel

g/fore logo

I have been given the great opportunity to review a couple of items from G/Fore, They are a company that offers a wide array of clothing and accessory items for both the golf and fashion industry. First I would like to tell a little about the person behind G/Fore. His name is Mossimo Giannulli and he is the Founder/Designers/Creator here in his own words is what he has to say about G/Fore.

I come from a fashion and business background, but golf’s a true passion for me. I love the game because it’s a family sport, a social opportunity, a business tool, and a personal challenge all in one. G/FORE products aren’t designed in a cubicle and tested in a factory; they’re born out of a desire to express myself while playing, and to help inject a little more fun and flair back into the game. I test prototypes myself, putting in countless rounds on the course and hours at the range. When we were first making the gloves, we tweaked everything from the dye method to the stitching on each fingertip until we had a product that I felt was worthy of the game. This detail­obsessed development process still happens with every new product that bears the G/FORE marque. And though I lead an active, art­ and design­fueled lifestyle, I’m a bit of a traditionalist at heart when it comes to golf. I’m a member at a time­honored country club, I wear pants on the course, and I prefer traditional fabrics. So I’ve always wanted G/FORE to be rooted in all the right things. With the modern athlete in mind, we’ve fused a classic aesthetic with modern fabrications and details that make our products uniquely G/FORE.

I hope G/FORE can continue to help golf once again move forward — always with a healthy respect for the past. –Mossimo Giannulli

GFORE black glove GFORE sand glove

G/Fore gloves can be seen on all of the major Tours week-in and week-out. You can usually pick one out right away because they are known for their bright colors. They come in a wide variety of colors plus they also have a custom ordering option if you can’t find one that’s to your liking. I will comment on the fit, comfort, feel and grip of the glove.

Fit: The G/Fore glove is available in six different sizes, from small all the way up to XXL. I went with a medium-large glove and it fit well and the fingers are shorter than a standard large. I have always been a hard fit when it comes to gloves. Finding a glove that fits perfectly for me has always been an issue somewhat shorter than normal fingers is my problem, I play with a standard size grip. The medium-large fit well for me. G/Fore has some very specific instructions on finding the proper size glove for you on their website.

Comfort: The G/Fore glove is made out of AA Cabretta leather for both the palm and the top of the glove. All of the top name gloves on the market use this style of leather. Cabretta leather is from the Hair Sheep which is known for its soft close fiber feel. These gloves have excellent comfort.

Feel: The way I describe and rate the feel of a glove is how the connection is between the golfers’ hand with the glove on and the contact with the golf grip. This is an important aspect when it comes to golf gloves in my opinion. The better the fit of the glove the better the feel you have between the glove and the grip. I would always choose to error on the side of a little tighter fit with a new glove versus a loose fit. The G/Fore glove has a very soft feel and molds to one’s hand very quickly right out of the package.

Grip: The grip of a glove is probably the single most important features it can have, that is the reason golfers wear gloves in the first place is to provide a better grip with the club. The G/Fore glove provides an excellent grip and contact with the club grip. The fact that it is an all leather glove in warmer temperatures you might need to use a couple of gloves during a round to be assured of optimum grip. They also warn the golfer about a potential of the color dye bleeding from the glove onto your skin in some weather conditions. If this does happen just was your hand with warm water and soup and you are good to go.

G/Fore Polo

The polo shirt offerings from G/Fore are very impressive as far as choices of colors, fabric, prints and styles. The two shirts I reviewed were a little different in style and fabric from each other. They both came with a soft collar made out of the similar material to the shirt. The sleeves had a more fitted style resting and inch or so above my elbow. I feel that the G/Fore polos run smaller to size compared to other major shirt manufactures the XL size I tried was a little snug fitting. There have been cases where some of the companies go for a slimmer and tighter looking fit and style, this might be the case G/Fore. The fabrics and stitching on the polos were all very comfortable and well done.The material blend was identical for both polos. They were both a 50% pima cotton and 50% Drytext Jersey blend. The Feeder Stripe 5.0 polo had five buttons and a pocket on the left side and the color was called “snow”. On the back of the collar they had a small silver metal button logo. The other shirt was the Essential Polo and the color was called “Patriot”. This shirt had a little different style than the other shirt. It had a button­down collar with a logo on the left side and no pocket. G/Fore offers a wide variety of styles and colors so a golfer should be able to find the ideal choice for themselves.

G/Fore Crusader Black G/Fore Crusader red

As for the Crusader shoes, please check out the video above to learn more! They are high-top shoes that offer a very comfortable feel and stylish look! Not many high tops look good on all outfits, but we found out that these shoes look great with pants or shorts! These were THE BEST golf shoes we have ever worn and recommend them to anybody and everybody!

I really enjoyed wearing the polos and gloves on the golf course and received many comments and questions about the gloves because they really stand out with all their bright colors. I would strongly suggest you check out the entire G/Fore line on their website gfore.com as well as all of their social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the golf season winding down in the Northeast I look forward to reviewing all of the new items for the 2017 season.

Mike Hallee

Golf Life Contributor